TLS is a leader in developing and delivering transformational learning. This type of learning actively engages each and every participant and prompts significant change during and, especially, after the learning experience.

Our training and development work transforms in several ways:

  • A new perspective
  • Changed behavior
  • Advanced skills
  • Critical reflection


While we represent the best and brightest in adult learning, we also understand that every organization only has so much bandwidth, and must make business-minded decisions around its education and training to assure there is noticeable return on its investment.

If you are an association educating your members and customers, every product must stand up to the scrutiny of a demanding consumer market and perhaps the internal necessity of revenue producing products that also deliver high quality results. The Leaning Studio is in tune with the business demands of an association, and we firmly believe in the “no margin, no mission” philosophy. We always strive to create the most compelling educational experiences that will, coincidentally, add handsomely to your bottom line.

If you are a corporation looking for a new approach to developing your greatest asset, your internal talent, we can help you. We not only train, coach and develop your employees, but will put together a comprehensive strategy for what your employees need, by years of experience, job function or other indicators. We’ll help to devise a full learning plan on how to train and assess current knowledge and future learning and outcomes.