Everything we do is customized.

Everything. Did we mention that we customize everything? In whatever order you put those words, you can count on TLS.

Yep, we customize everything. So in whatever way you decide to engage with us, we will be drawing from decades of experience in great practices, the solid understanding of what works and what doesn’t (fully grounded in reality!) but work that is always customized, never canned.  Consequently, the consulting projects listed below are a mere start to the work we do.  We encourage our clients to say ‘a little of this, and a little of that” and, together, we create a strategy and project plan that is uniquely yours.

We love those two little words “What if …”.   Let’s “what if” together.

Our Full Catalog of Programs

See just some of the options for training your employees, members or customers.

Development of Customized Leadership Programs

TLS has proven itself to be a leader in developing unique, engaging and customized leadership programs for your staff, members or customers.  These leadership programs cover the following core areas:

Leadership Pillars

Emerging Leaders

TLS can help transform young professionals into respected leaders. Armed with the right tools and techniques, conviction and confidence, emerging leaders can move themselves, and your organization, forward. While we clearly cannot offer years of experience to a person without the lifetime to back it up, what TLS does offer is our years of experience, research and relationships in every facet of association management.

With customized programs that speak to an organization’s nuances, TLS training provides today’s up-and-comers with meaningful insight into their personal style of management and a method of understanding of what it takes to be a positive and effective leader in the current association marketplace.

Through education, mentoring, coaching, small group work and more, TLS takes young professionals on a profound journey that examines not only themselves, but the environment that surrounds them. This holistic landscape allows them to consider, research and invent the way in which they can emerge a true leader.

Existing Leaders

TLS can help take the seasoned leaders within an association to a higher, expert level, where that leader becomes more confident and capable in his own abilities, a better boss, a more collaborative peer and a stronger organizational citizen.   Some people claim that being a successful leader is innate; others say it’s ability-based and gained from experience. TLS feels it is a combination, and those innate traits can be teased out and brewed to perfection with the right training.

With customized programs that draw from a variety of leadership “schools of thought”, TLS provides leaders with meaningful insight into their own management style as well as how they are viewed by their staff, board and members. Any leader, and particularly an experienced leader, should strive to be a thought leader, an authentic voice, and a trusted and respected colleague.

Through case studies, group discussion, confidential sharing and significant self-reflection, TLS takes existing leaders on a complex and fruitful journey that examines not only themselves, but the environment that surrounds them. This holistic landscape allows them to transform, through new ways of leading their organization and staff to success.